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You might have a book in English to be translated into French, or a manuscript in Bosnian to be translated in English or any other language or website to render into multiple languages, European Live Translation Services provides quality service, meeting your requirements. Our services range from translation to editing, coupled with proofreading and reviewing of all kinds of documents such as certificates, books, manuscripts, software manuals etc.

Quality translations

At European Live Translation Services, there is no compromise over quality. Each and every document goes through a minute translation and review process before it reaches you. Localization and desktop publishing services have been divided into separate sections under the banner of European Live Translation Services to facilitate efficient handling and minute attention to be paid to every aspect of the document.

Proffesional translations

The team at European Live Translation Services is comprised of a dedicated lot, involved in working on every arriving document to provide finished products. This team is comprised of native and qualified translators, readers and proofreaders that ensure the quality, fluency and impact of the message that is being encoded. These native translators have a firm grip over their respective language pair, which further helps improve quality of our services.

High-End Control Process

With certification from ISO, European Live Translation Services is getting ahead of its competitors, when it comes to quality control management and delivery of projects to the clients within the set deadline. In fact, our team comprises of people who themselves go through a rigorous screening test under expert supervision and are selected strictly through a criteria based on qualification and linguistic abilities. These translators, editors, proofreaders or linguists are masters in their fields and only eligible to work with us after having earned proper certifications or degrees in their respective languages along some experience.

European Live Translation Services

European Live Translation Services provides services to both local and international customers without any consideration of time, place or content.