Project Handling

Every project that comes to European Live Translation Services receives our expert attention. A designated project manager takes over the incoming project and is responsible until its completion. The clients can receive updates about their projects staying in contact with the manager.

We make sure that our clients can communicate with our managers without having to go through any kind of hassle. This arrangement enables us to ensure that the client’s requirements are fully met at the time of final delivery with manager-to-client coordination, and revisions are being made along the way, in accordance with the client’s demands.

How We Do It

Here at European Live Translation Services, transparency is given priority. Our clients are fully updated regarding progress on their projects, from the time the project starts up toto its final delivery. It is a rule of thumb in our organization to keep the client alongside while working on a project.

Our management and working style is designed in a way to achieve client satisfaction through constant communication with the client, attention to every detail of the document and then review before delivering it back to the client.

Project Handling Procedure

  • Full attention and fast communication with the clients to reduce confusion
  • Keeping in touch with the client throughout the process to avoid flaws and delay
  • Before starting work on the project, a proper layout is formulated to ensure timely completion
  • Setting up deadlines and conveying to the client
  • Selection of appropriate team and handing over the project
  • Supervision for quality inspection

Relationships With Clients

  • Following our client’s motto is important
  • Keeping clients thoroughly updated
  • Clear and fast communication
  • Professional working relationships
  • Clients’ involvement for transparency and clarity

Recruitment Criteria

  • Native speakers with multiple language translation ability
  • Screening test prior to selection
  • Professional degree holders

  • Quality and deadline oriented
  • Efficient, capable and technologically expert

Quality Control Procedure

Quality control is another major aspect covered by our inspection team here at European Live Translation Services. The managers, when they receive a project, analyze and evaluate it and then designate it to the relevant language department. After the translation is done, respective editors and reviewers go through the project and fix the linguistic flaws. The purpose of reviewing is to see whether the message of the content has been translated in its original tone and context.

The purpose of this detailed handling of each and every project is to make sure that the message and concept of the specific piece of writing has not altered. Once the client shows satisfaction with the work being done, the project goes through its final phases to ensure further accuracy. In short, it is a simple five-step process, which includes:

  • Project Handling
  • Translation
  • Editing and Review
  • Final Acceptance
  • Delivey