The professionals working at European Live Translation Services evaluate a document from various angles, ranging from the level of difficulty to subject and deadline before acceptance. This prior evaluation helps our translators understand the requirements of the clients and work accordingly.

Translation is a painstaking and time-consuming process. Hence, prior assessment is necessary to ensure timely completion of the project, ensuring the required tone and style. Quality before delivery is further ensured through proofreading, editing and review of the translated material by the quality control team.

  • We know that every document, whether it is a book or a manuscript, a website or a manual, has a message to convey and a story to tell to the intended audience and readers.
  • It is important to understand the message, story or the purpose behind every piece that comes to us, so that it could be rendered into the required language without marring essence of the message. And we are proud to have done it every time a client comes to us.
  • For a marketing-oriented project, we have trained marketing and advertisement experts who go through the translated document to ensure that the document fulfills the purpose and attracts the audiences it is directed at.

ILTS’ Other Services

  For software localization, our translators enjoy the assistance of relevant software engineers here at European Live Translation Services. Software localization is, in fact, a tricky job to handle and needs expert level skills. Our team of professionals, dealing with software localization, are experts in the field and the localized softwares and their manuals are always reviewed and double-checked by our reviewers to ensure fluency, quality and accuracy.

Our team has efficiently localized a number of softwares – a feat that has helped bring revenues to our clients. Everybody in business understands the significance of maintaining quality and not compromising over it. Our team is equipped with the latest translation tools, which help maintain the required quality in localization for business-oriented translation of your software.

If you have a piece of software or its manual to market and need it translated in any language, just send us a email, chat or call us directly. We will offer a free quote for the document that reaches us for translation, so the client is relaxed that his software is in professional hands.

Due to introduction of new marketing strategies, all the businesses have gone online. In order to target the audiences across the globe, the business website needs to have content in multiple languages. This is where we step in to provide our services.

Our team at European Live Translation Services also provides the services of translating your websites into any languages you want. While translating the content of a website into another language, it is essential to keep the essence, tone and style intact. Content without originality of the message fails to have any impact on the audience, which in turn does not fulfill the purpose of gaining and retaining global customers.

Our dedicated team at European Live Translation Services works round-the-clock to achieve the desired results. This has helped our customers see their businesses flourishing and winning success around the globe.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a company to translate your website into any language with an objective to target international customers, we are just an email/call away or you can chat with our online representative in real-time.